Stephen Fry launches his own blog with 6,465-word iPhone / smartphone post

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Everyone and their mother is blogging nowadays, and now one of the greatest living englishmen is getting into the act. Stephen Fry has launched his own blog with a post about smartphones. Well, it’s more of an essay really. A 6,465-word essay, according to my word-count.

Fry’s well-known for being a gadget-lover, so it’s good stuff if you have the time to scroll through it. He’s recently been sent the HTC Touch, the Nokia E90 and the Sony Ericsson P1i. The latter gets a bit of a kicking, though: “What a crushing, lowering, fury-inducing disappointment. Just how dumb are the software engineers, designers and marketeers at Sony E?”

Oh, and he’s got an iPhone too, which he loves. Stephen, if you’re reading, come and do more gadget group tests for Tech Digest! Er, as long as we don’t have to pay you by the word, obviously…

Stephen Fry’s smartphone blog post

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By Stuart Dredge | September 20th, 2007