Relive the '80s with a cassette tape coin purse from Design Boom

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Cassette tapes, what are they? I can barely remember what they look like – who has used them in the last five years? I think the last time I ever played a cassette was when I was 16 and a boy made me a mix-tape. Suffice to say, I ended it soon after, like I’d put up with a technologically-repressed man, bah!

These cassette tape coin purses on the other hand are a sweet little throw-back to the days when buying the latest pop single on a tape down at your local music store was the highlight of your week. At $39 from Design Boom, they’re each hand-made one-offs and will no doubt cause confusion when you have kids and they ask you what the heck it is.

Cassette tape coin purses
(via Inhabitat)

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By Katherine Hannaford | September 3rd, 2007