Real-life 8-bit Donkey Kong played by several very annoying Americans

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Who doesn’t love fanboys, when they’re so adept at playing out video games in real life? Famous videos of the past include real-life Mario, real-life Tetris and real-life Sonic the Hedgehog, but now we can add Donkey Kong to the list also.

I wish this real-life 8-bit video had been done by someone other than several very annoying Jackass-inspired Americans, though – might I suggest watching the video with the sound turned off? Unless you like ape-like laughter infiltrating your precious ear canals. Still, I wouldn’t mind it being done by a group of people less, err, lairy. There’s a weekend challenge for you, readers!

(via No Puedo Creer)

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By Katherine Hannaford | September 25th, 2007