Microsoft disguises a USB flash memory stick in the Mobile Memory Mouse 8000

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microsoft-8000-mouse.jpgFirst a coffee table which is actually a computer, now a computer mouse which is actually a USB flash memory drive. Bless ol’ Billy Gates and the team at Microsoft.

The Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 may be sized like a standard wireless ergonomic mouse, but under all that sleek silver and black plastic lies 1GB of storage, and a little transceiver you can plug into your PC’s valuable USB port. Not only that, but it contains a detachable cord which can connect the belly of the mouse to the tip of the transceiver, so when you’re accessing data through the USB port, it will charge the wireless mouse as well. It also comes with a AAA rechargeable battery allowing for three weeks’ power. It works on 2.4GHz wireless or Bluetooth, and will be available in October for $99.95.

Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 (via Technology Live)

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By Katherine Hannaford | September 19th, 2007