In the 80s, a portable record player was cutting edge

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New Launches has dug up some technology which was cutting edge for 1983. Mister Disc is a personal, portable record player system which allows you, with only a little bit of fiddling, to play standard 331/3 and 45 rpm records on the move.

It’s meant for playing on a level surface, out of direct sunlight, but it would’ve been rather cumbersome to get on the train or Tube with. Ahh, how times have evolved – even a CD player seems bulky now we’re into nano-sized MP3 players.

Having said that, I saw someone using a full-sized turntable on the train last year (using, not just carrying) so perhaps, somewhere, there’s still a tiny market for it. So long as it’s never used during the rush hour.

Availability is scarce – in fact it was barely a common item when it was launched. Check out the coffee-stained instruction manual which came with it. Awesome.

(Via New Launches)

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By Andy Merrett | September 25th, 2007