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Steve Jobs tops Blender's chart of online music influencers

steve_jobs_ipod.jpgUS music magazine Blender has crowned Steve Jobs the most influential people involved 'behind the scenes' in web music.

They view Jobs as a technology trendsetter, thanks to the iPod and iTunes

"The iTunes Store and the iPod have done more to change the way people listen to music than anything since the CD, and maybe since the sound recording," said Craig Marks, Blender's editor-in-chief.

In second place came Tom Anderson and Chris DeWolfe, who co-founded MySpace, for levelling the music industry playing field.

In third place, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, creators of YouTube, for being "the star-maker MTV used to be."

Others in the top ten included the CEO of Universal Music Group, Doug Morris, for influencing digital music policies, Ryan Schreiber, from web music magazine Pitchfork, Ian Rogers of Yahoo! Music, Martin Stinksel and Felix Miller from Last.FM, Greg Bildson: from LimeWire, Christian Schmid from RapidShare, and Coran Capshaw from MusicToday.

(Via Reuters)

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