LG create world's most idiotic product, the MP3 player washing machine

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mp3washingmachine.jpg I’m beginning to think that the folks at LG have far too much time on their hands. After all, they obviously searched the world high and low to bring you – in Gary’s opinion – the world’s finest female model, so I can imagine the designers sitting around their board table, twiddling their fingers. “Hmm, what pointless device can we come up with next? I KNOW! A WASHING MACHINE/MP3 PLAYER HYBRID!”

I’m sure we’ve been pining for one of these our whole lives. LG Electronics has just filed a patent application which describes a “home appliance with an MP3 player comprising the MP3 player adapted for storing contents; and a washing device for washing or drying clothes, the washing device being connectable with the MP3 player and having a communication function with the MP3 player to play back the contents stored in the MP3 player.”

I’m really hoping they’re not intending on including headphones with the machine and expecting us to stand around in our kitchens attached to one of those rattly bastards so we can simply listen to some sweet New Order songs. Pass.

LG (via Computer World)

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By Katherine Hannaford | July 27th, 2007