Joost gets its own Transformers channel

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oprime-joost.jpgEveryone’s rediscovering their love of all things Autobot and Decepticon, what with the success of the thankfully-better-than-expected new Transformers film. And the online TV market isn’t immune from the charms of Optimus Prime either.

Joost has got its own Transformers channel, which is screening classic episodes of the original cartoon series. Perfect desktop entertainment, I’m sure you’ll agree. Hopefully nobody will use this as an excuse for a MASK revival, though. We weren’t interested then, and we’re not now.

(via Telly 2.0)

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By Stuart Dredge | July 5th, 2007

  • Mark

    (Full disclosure: I’m a designer at Joost).

    As a fellow Transformers nut, wanted to share this for anyone who doesn’t have access to Joost, since we’re still in beta. At this link, you can score an invite: