YouTube launches UK site and Manhunt 2 banned by BBFC: the best stories from Shiny Media

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hurleychen.gif- Recognizing that over half of YouTube users are outside the U.S, country-specific sites have launched today. And yes, the UK is one of them [Techscape]

- Is Blockbuster’s decision to support Blu-ray a killer blow to backers of HD-DVD? [HDTV UK]

- Porsche design group’s new phone provides a cheaper alternative for those who can’t afford one of their cars. The word “cheaper” is kind of relative though [iPhonic]

- Manhunt 2 on the PS2 has been banned by the BBFC. It turns out they don’t like games encouraging “visceral killing” so much [PSPSPS, Wii Wii]

- Blue Dragon is having audio tracks recorded in several languages, in a break from the usual Japanese / English tradition. Looks like the makers are keen for it to have a broad reach on its September release [XBoxer]

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