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Toshiba cuts HD DVD sales targets
Apple could face iPhone shortages for 1-2 months after launch
Omnifone reveals more MusicStation details, but is it really an iPhone-killer?

Philips launches Bluetooth-friendly home audio systems
Mamiya’s 645AFD II digicam: 22 megapixels
Cowon unveils iAudio 7 pocket media player
Samsung launch YP-U3 flash MP3 player
Brando offers M300 watch phone with Bluetooth and music player
Halo 3 Beta for Xbox 360 racks up 12 million hours of playtime
Sony plans to sue PS3 hackers
Sky offers all six seasons of 24 with Sky Anytime on your PC
Sanyo LP-XL50 – projection from just 8cm
Tokyoflash Japan launches Equalizer BPM watch for DJs
Xuuk eyebox2 knows where you’re looking
One For All Wi-Fi Antenna – boost your range
NGTV: Kiss frontman Gene Simmons’ own YouTube/Joost rival
Orange launches Mobile Wind Charger at Glastonbury
Sony launches MRW62E-S1/171 17-in-1 card reader

If only I had this ‘Worst. Keynote. Ever!’ t-shirt yesterday at the NMK Forum

By Stuart Dredge | June 14th, 2007