Hey lecher, lay your wrist between a pair of boobies at work with these mouse-pads

Katherine Hannaford Mice 1 Comment

A silly one to start the day off with, I can imagine these mouse-pads which have real silicone implants attached to the jubblie or bum bits would go down a treat as a gag-gift for a workmate. Probably in Zoo, Nuts, or Loaded magazine’s offices, natch. Certainly not in our Shiny Towers, where most of us are women and most of my colleagues (especially the Dollymix-ers) would feel rather insulted with a fellow workmate resting his RSI-ridden wrists between two of those soft mounds.

Unfortunately there’s no US or UK availability on these babies, but if you’re in Japan, you’re in luck. And, err, forever in hiding from your female colleagues.

Product page (via TokyoMango).

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By Katherine Hannaford | June 5th, 2007

  • http://www.slicknicky.com tom

    Actually, somebody ripped off our designs. Check out http://www.slicknicky.com to buy these mousepads in the US. Not sure how they turned up in Japan since these are proprietary designs which we hold the rights to