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Onkyo launches future-proof DAB/FM/AM tuner

Future-proof technology? Can't say I believe in it. But one thing that moves on a little more slowly is the humble radio, so an upgradeable tuner could be worth a look. And one such device is the Onkyo T-4555.

It's a new DAB/FM/AM separates tuner offering hi-fi quality DAB/FM and AM reception with a difference - you can upgrade this tuner to handle any new digital radio broadcast standards that may be adopted in the UK.

Features include 40 presets (assignable across DAB/FM/AM bands), DRC (Dynamic Range Control) plus auto-scanning, dimmable front panel display, remote control and gold-plated outputs for the best signal transfer to your amplifier/receiver. There's also a plug-in DAB/FM/AM tuner board equipped with a sensitive FM stage, an advanced Frontier Silicon processor for DAB reception and audiophile grade Nichicon capacitors.

And of course, if you're worried about the introduction of DAB+, a new version of the tuner module will be available for an upgrade. It retails for £299.95.

Onkyo website

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