Sony BMG wants new bands to blog, not send demo CDs

Stuart Dredge MP3 players, Web 2.0 1 Comment

columbiavox.jpgIf you’re in a young, thrusting band, you’ve probably already got a MySpace page (and if not, why the hell not?) But up until now, attracting the attention of a label has still involved packaging up dozens of demo CDs and sending them off to A&R folk, who then use them as coffee holders. Allegedly.

Forget all that though. Sony BMG’s UK division doesn’t want any demo CDs. Instead, the label has teamed up with blogging firm Six Apart to encourage bands to register on the latter’s Vox service, and then post their tunes, photos and information there, with the label’s A&R team monitoring bands who sign up as part of its network. Read the full story on Techscape.

By Stuart Dredge | April 2nd, 2007

  • kian

    hi,i want to send my music,what can i do?