Pad Concept baby car seat

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babyseat.jpgEver tried changing a baby’s nappy while they’re sitting in a car seat? Well, no. It’s impossible. At least, it was impossible. The Pad Concept has been made at California State University, and is a baby car seat that transforms into a changing station, then back again.

Designed by Ravi Itiravivong, it was recently named as one of the winning entries in the iF Concept Product Awards 2007. It has a swivel base that lets it be rotated to the right or left while in place, so that the backrest can be folded back to leave your baby in a lying position. One swift nappy-change later, and it turns back into a seat again.

Hopefully someone’s already turning this into a commercial product: it’s genius!

iF Design Awards – Household/Residential category

By Stuart Dredge | February 8th, 2007

  • Linda

    Euuwww. I hope it is wipe clean.

  • Linda

    Baby poo has a habit of going where you would least want it.