Street-fighting robots? Singapore wants YOU!

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Ed-209.jpgImagine an urban-warfare robot that could roam the streets picking off humans at will. Well, it’d certainly liven up the opening credits to Coronation Street.

Singapore’s Defence Science and Technology Agency has launched a competition – the TechX Challenge – to find just such a robo-warrior, and is offering a prize of over £330,000 to the victorious bot.

The agency is setting a stiff challenge though. The winning bot will have to be able to move within buildings and outdoors, finding its way without using GPS, and will have to be able to cope with stairs and lifts. The daleks will be a shoe-in, surely.

“Operation in urban areas represents a significant challenge,” says DSTA chief exec Richard Lim. “Recent military experiences in Iraq, the Middle East and other locations have clearly illustrated these challenges.”

No, the competition won’t feature a playoff round where the bots have to haul confused dictators out of their underground hidey-holes. Although it’s certainly a thought.

Applications for the competition close in May, with a shortlist being announced in June, and then the competition itself will take place next year. Register here if you think you’ve got a budding Optimus Prime up your sleeve. Especially if it can turn into a truck at will.

(via New Scientist)

By Stuart Dredge | January 24th, 2007

  • Stuart Bird

    This is where it all begins. One moment they are cleaning your floors, the next you are beginning for mercy as his their cold, dead laser eyes stare remorselessly at you as you take your last breath. Probably

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