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CES 2007: iRobot Create is the robot that your hamster can drive

You might know iRobot for its Roomba and Scooba vacuuming and floor-washing robots. However, at CES, the company has announced a new programmable bot, called iRobot Create. The idea is that students and robo-enthusiasts can use it as a base to develop new robots to do all manner of weird and wonderful things.

Someone's already adapted it with a hamster-wheel attachment so your furry friend can control it by simply scrabbling their legs. Although I can't help wondering where all this will lead - some unholy robot/hamster alliance to take over the world. Or not. Anyway, watch the video below, it's great. And then check out our vid of the iRobot Create fetching beer from a fridge for its grateful owner.

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