Diggnation leaks possible iPhone details

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Popular weekly podcast, Diggnation, recently leaked details on the eagerly awaited Apple iPhone. Though not yet officially announced and technically rumour, the news is still taken as fact by many; Kevin Rose – founder of digg.com and one of the Diggnation presenters – was also correct when he let slip details on the Core 2 Duo Macbook and Macbook Pros in the past.

Details are few (Rose was scared he was going to get in trouble for releasing the information and held-back) but if he’s right we know that the iPhone’s features include 2x batteries (one for phone, one for mp3), flash memory, slide-out keyboard, touchscreen (on outside) and that it will be available in two capacities: 4Gb and 8Gb. Kevin also stated that the phone would be released in the US in January and that prices would be $249 and $449 for the two sizes.

View Diggnation #74 here.

By John Connelly | December 4th, 2006