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Archos Helmet - turn your Archos player into a camcorder

Not content with packing everything but the kitchen sink into their most recent 604 media player, Archos is now offering to turn it into a video camera, with the Helmet Camcorder.

The Helmet Camcorder is available for all Generation 4 Archos PMPs (404, 504, 604 or 604 Wi-Fi). It's a plug-in mini-cam that records directly in MPEG-4, playing back instantly through your player. The main unit features a wired remote control with microphone. The control provides access to recording functions without having to use the PMP and features recording lights indicating when recording is in progress.

And it comes with a headstrap - so just slip it in for to record some head-on action (just make sure you wear it where people don't know you). Available later this month, it retails for around £100.

Archos website

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