Mogo Mouse – the Bluetooth laptop mouse that hides away

Dave Walker Computers 1 Comment

Not everyone likes the touchpad controls of a laptop (especially if you tend to use a desktop most of the time). Which is where the Mogo Mouse comes in – offering you the functionality of a mouse, but without any extra kit to carry round.

When not in use, the Mogo Mouse hides in your laptop’s PC card slot. And if your laptop is on, it recharges the card in 30 minutes. When you’re in the need of the mouse, pull it out, open out the flipstand and via Bluetooth, the mouse will operate like any other. In fact, more so as it’ll work from a distance of 30ft.

Available now, you can pick it up for around £50.

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By Dave Walker | October 26th, 2006

  • Richard

    Hmmm…not sure about that…sounds like a great idea – would certainly save me a lot of space in my already-packed-to-the-gills bag, but it doesn’t look too comfy. Still, it’s probably a better use of my card slot that the dodgy vodafone data card that sits there now.