Gamexpert launches the PSP Hi-Fi

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Psp_hifi Gamexpert has a new range of add-ons for consoles and handhelds, under the name Phase 4 – the first of which is the PSP Hi-Fi, which promises to convert Sony’s handheld into a powerful home stereo system.

The PSP Hi-Fi is a stereo and docking centre for the PSP. You can listen to the music stored on your handheld through a powerful 23W RMS stereo amplifier/speaker. There’s a down facing sub-woofer for "maximum bass extension "and a two-way stereo speaker system at the front. Although designed for the PSP, you can also connect other portable devices via it’s auxiliary input. And of course, it charges whilst docked and there’s remote control to select your tracks.

It’s available in the coming weeks, priced around £200.

Gamexpert website

By Dave Walker | September 20th, 2006

  • High Bias

    Brilliant, I was going to get the iPod HIFI just to play my PSP through but this is actually what I need at last a quality speaker for the PSP – where can I buy it?