YouTube Video of the day – Have you ever seen a chav fly?

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Sometimes I curse technology. Mobile phones that do grainy video. Internet sites that peddle pap. Then, I realise that technology lies comedy gold. I mean real gold. If you haven’t seen this video, prepare yourself. This is the best punchline I’ve ever seen. The build up involves a scooter, a roundabout on a playground and flying scallies. Enjoy.

Mof Gimmers

By Mof Gimmers | July 27th, 2006

  • Marty

    that is truly amazing. hope she was allright

  • Charles

    Darwinism just isn’t harsh enough for them…

  • Ashley

    We tracked down the girl, who, you’ll be pleased to know is still living. However before she gave us her story she wanted some money, so I am guessing those medical bills must have been pretty bad.

  • Christian

    How fucking dumb can you be?

  • Whoknows

    Hahahaha that is so funny. I hope they died, i mean, they deserve it for:

    - Not contributing to society
    – Probably bullying some poor sod in a school somewhere
    – Being so flipping supid – hahaa
    – Because they are chavs.

    God, that really did lighten up my friday..:D

  • charlotte

    Bet that hurt, how could u be silly enough to do it any way!