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Little touches on applications that make them nice to use

AppledateformatLeander Kahney over at Wired News has been getting all lovey-dovey with the Apple Mail date interface. She's noticed one of those features that isn't really documented, and you don't particularly notice in every day use, but just makes software more pleasant to use (and let's face it, pleasant software is a rare commodity)

As per this series of screen grabs, she loves how the date changes format depending on the column width, instead of just disappearing. Mail isn't the only application and Mac OS X isn't the only operating system to do it, but it's one of those nice touches.

Which got me to thinking: What nice little features are in the software you use that actually make your computer pleasurable (or less cumbersome) to use? The subtleties and nuances that don't make it into the user manual (that book you never read) but quietly work.

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