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Creative's G500W 5.1 wireless speaker system

Gigaworksspeakers Last year we showed off one of Creative's new set of speakers aimed primarily at gamers, but good for music and movies too: the Gigaworks ProGamer G500 system.

Now, add a 'W', and you get the new Gigaworks G500W with 2.4GHz wireless technology powering the two rear speakers, at up to 30 feet away. That'll cut down on unsightly, expensive audio wiring which has to be a good thing.

Creative claim that the wireless system is robust and will withstand interference from mobile phones (hate that). The two rear speakers run off a single power supply and discreet compact wireless receiver placed nearby.

Other features are the same: 310W of total RMS power, with a 130W RMS wooden subwoofer "with an eight-inch, long-throw driver and twin Flared Dyna-Ports to maximise airflow for deep, intense bass."  The speakers support standard audio formats including Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES, Dolby Pro Logic II and Neo:6.

It also comes with a wireless remote which can control the speakers volume, subwoofer output, and channel levels, as well as controlling the playback functions on any compatible Creative Zen MP3 player.

You'll just need to make sure it operates on a distinct channel so that your wireless Internet and cordless phone don't interfere with it.

They cost £210.

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