Build your own Video Projector

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Diyproj The cost of video projectors has fallen to the point where they can hardly be called an expensive luxury any more. They’re also one of the best (and cheapest) ways to get a eye-bogglingly big picture in your living room but for those of you with shallower pockets or just plain mean and a creative bent the Lumenlab website has some simple plans for a DIY video Projector. All you need is an empty washing up bottle and some sticky back plastic (OK I made the last bit up…) but the site really does shows how to cannibalise an old laptop screen, and with the addition of a projector lamp (the one they suggest costs a fraction of the price of specialised projector lamps), a couple of lenses, some simple wiring and a box to put it in, Bob’s your uncle’s projectionist.

I doubt very much if it will have the projector manufacturers quaking in their boots but it looks like a fun project, and it might even work. You can admire and draw inspiration from the efforts of fellow builders in the photo gallery, though you probably wouldn’t want to be sitting too close to some of them…

By (Display Name not set) | June 26th, 2006