Review: Medion MD20099

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Although the World Cup has successfully had us clamouring for High Definition, HD TV sets are still out of reach to many due to their high price tags. And that's before you even think of paying for any HD…

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Goodbye ASCI Red…

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You may not have heard of ASCI Red but for nearly nine years it was one of the world's fastest supercomputers and the first one to break the Teraflop barrier (one trillion operations per second) back in December 1996….

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A Window On Your Registry

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The Windows Registry, that vast collection of System files that controls almost every aspect of Windows and the programs running on a PC crops up regularly in tips and solutions at Propellerhead, but have you ever wondered what it…

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Walkie Talkie Watches

Dave Walker Gadgets

Is your mobile phone bill going through the roof? Well, if most of your calls happen to be to the one person – and they live fairly locally – these Walkie Talkie Watches could pay for themselves in a…

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