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Turn your cycle into an ibike

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Ibike We're hopefully approaching a long hot summer, a great time to get out and get fit. If you want to do a bit of cycling, but can't work out how to take your trusty iPod along for the ride, help may be at hand with the iBikeMount.

The iBikeMount is a bracket to support your iPod when you're on the move. It its securely on your bicycle's handlebars within easy reach and view. It fits 1GB, 2GB and 4GB iPod nanos and connects to handlebar sizes 22mm to 26mm.

Whilst having your iPod connected this way is a great way to listen to music on the move, you should always be aware of what's around you - so keep the volume down, particularly when you're in heavy traffic.

You can pick up the iBikeMount for around £20.

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  • Duich McKay

    We'll be needing speakers as well here. Wearing headphones on a bike in traffic is a sure way to die.

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