St George's iPod nano case and England earphones

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Ixos_cover Ok, so you’ve got your St George’s mobile phone, but now it’s making your iPod look a little unpatriotic with the World Cup rapidly approaching. Help is at hand from Ixos, which is joining the World Cup merchandising bandwagon frenzy with a St George’s iPod nano skin and England earphones.

The iPod nano skin with St George’s motif is a single protective skin for your portable player, with the practical use of protecting it from dust, dirt and scratches. It also comes with a neck cord if you want to wear your player with pride.

Ixos_speakers The metallic earphones also feature the St George’s design, along with a white cable (1.2m in total) and jack connector, which is gold plated for an improved signal transfer. Essentially, both are pretty disposable bits of technology for World Cup weeks and with a price to match – £9.99 each.

You can, of course, get into the World Cup spirit for free by visiting Who At All The Bratwurst.

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By Dave Walker | May 8th, 2006