Sennheiser announces BW900 Bluetooth headset

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To my knowledge, Sennheiser hasn’t been involved specifically in the Bluetooth headset market much before, but it is certainly no stranger to headsets and wireless audio. After three years of development, the BW900 is attempting to one up its rivals with a wealth of neat features and an all business visual design.

The BW900 uses ‘adaptive intelligence’, a form of noise cancellation, which adapts to the surrounding noise levels to optimise sound comfort and speech intelligibility. It can also memorise your preferred settings and adjust accordingly whenever the sound environment changes.

The headphones have a quite ridiculously long range of 100 meters from a desktop telephone but that drops to 10m when you’re using a Bluetooth mobile. To switch between sources is apparently as simple as a touch of a button and makes it pretty clear that this headset is going to be aimed at the rigorous business users market.

Also pioneered in this headset is a concept called ‘infinite talk time’. Sadly Sennheiser has not managed to create an infinite energy source but rather a ‘hot swap’ function that simply means you can change the batteries in your headset without losing that all-important call.

The BW900 is due out now in the UK

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