CeBIT 2006: Samsung's 4 Gig flash MP3 player

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Samsung_ypz5as_sd_im More details on the YP-Z5 Music Jukebox announced today by Samsung. The company claims that it is the first large capacity music subscription -enabled, flash based jukebox player, which isn’t really saying much is it?

Nevertheless it looks pretty cool, has a reasonably four Gigabytes of storage and delivers a battery running time of an iPod-busting 35 hours. It also sports a 1.8inch colour screen, features compatibility with subscription music services (Microsoft Plays For Sure Audio Download and Subscription which includes MTV’s Urge, Napster, Rhapsody, and Yahoo) and has 3D sound – whatever that might be. It weighs just two ounces and is finished in aluminum. No news yet on price and availability.

By (Display Name not set) | March 9th, 2006