Barabu introduces free mobile to mobile calls

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Nokia9500f16cb4f832a0c7 Free mobile calls? Yes, that’s right, Barablu has launched the world’s first free mobile-to-mobile calling between users using existing computer networks. Barablu’s package runs on VoIP over Wireless LAN, and is available to anybody with a compatible GSM mobile phone (Wi-Fi enabled), which currently includes Nokia’s 9500 and the i-mate SP5 SP5m

It’s certainly one up on Skype – and that seems to be the point, as the company is desperate to gain ground on the VoIP giant. As well as the mobile calls deal, Barablu are also offering a free chat service and a free PC-to-mobile instant messaging service. 

If you want to take advantage of the free mobile calls, you need to download a dialler from the Barablu website to your mobile, then register a username and password. You can then contact other people for free via PC or mobile, but only if they use the Barablu network too. Remember, calls outside their network are charged.

Over to you Skype.

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By Dave Walker | February 16th, 2006

  • Marc

    We have a plan with SFR (Vodafone) here in France where we can choose any three mobile phone numbers on the SFR network and call them for free for as long as we want.

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  • Ezekiel

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