Is VibeTonz the next big thing?

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Vibetonz Coming to a mobile near you is VibeTonz, with the first VibeTonz-enabled phone from Samsung due to hit the market very soon. It could be be big – but what is it?

Well, VibeTonz is an embedded technology that enables a mobile handset to produce a huge range of ‘vibro-tactile’ sensations. Or in other words, you’ll feel as well as hear. So, mobile gamers can experience the recoil of gunshots or the jolt of a punch, messaging could be personalised with vibration-based heartbeats and ringtones can give users the physical sensation of drum breaks and basslines.

All sounds interesting and possibly a little scary – more news about the technology and when you can get it very soon.

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By Dave Walker | January 17th, 2006

  • MobileMisfit

    i love my samsung with the vibetonz!!! sch-a870 :-D