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CES 2006: New Sony Ericsson Walkman phone tomorrow

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Big day for Sony tomorrow with a huge press conference scheduled for late afternoon ie when most sane Brits will be in bed. Anyhow we have had a tip off that there will be some new Sony Ericsson mobiles including a new Walkman phone. Our source claims it is the most exciting Walkman handset so far. Does that mean an integrated hard disk? iTunes compatibilty? Unlikely. Wireless stereo headphones is our best guess. We'll find out soon enough.

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  • Jade

    i would like 2 update my phone, however i have 2 wait till march the 22nd. eles i have 2 pay £150 pound. i pay 40 a mounth 4 a phone tht has a broken camra on it. i cnt wait 2 leave orange they have really really peaed me off

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