CES 2006: Location Free TV for PSP coming to the UK

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Sony_psp_4 Sony’s CES presentation might have been high on gloss and short on content but it did deliver some wonderful news for British PSP owners. Location Free TV, a very cool application for the handheld is coming to the UK later in the year. Launched in the US in late 2005 Location Free TV enables PSP owners to watch remotely via Wi-Fi whatever is showing on their home TV. The system consists of a decoder box, which sells in the US for $350 that plugs into any video device and a broadband connection.

The box then takes the video output and then streams it over the web to the PSP. So you can hook it up to your Sky box and wirelessly stream a live football game across continents if you wish. Sounds like another very cool reason to invest in a PSP.

By (Display Name not set) | January 5th, 2006

  • Peter

    you should make the price lower. The price is stupid

  • http://www.cheaptelevision.co.uk Cheap Television

    Has this actually come to the UK yet? I haven’t seen it in the shops at all!