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CES 2006: Is this Telewest's next box

Dvr_dvd_left_view At the CES Innovations bash this evening we had a very interesting chat with the folks from Scientific Atlanta - the company that makes cable boxes like this for Telewest. It has just unveiled a new box which features a cable decoder and 160 Gigabyte hard disk drive, like the Telewest, but also includes an integrated DVD recorder. The company says that it is offering the DVD as a response to demands from consumers who apparently run out of storage on the hard drive and want further archiving options.

The box, which will be rolled out in the US in the Spring, also includes three TV tuners and is compatible with High Definition TV transmissions. The company is also working on a version of the box that will stream video (including HD) to other TVs round the home.

Obviously Scientific Atlanta isn't saying that the DVD combi will be available from Telewest, but let's just say it is there and it would be a smart move for the cable company to offer it.

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