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shuffle takes Chav gadget award

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Shiny_award_05_5 Put on your Burberry scarf and switch on your iPod Shuffle. While the iPod nano may be the king of cool, Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny's panel of the UK's top gadget experts* have voted its budget sibling the iPod shuffle this year's 'Must Chav Gadget.'

The shuffle is perfect for chavs. It's cheap. It's by a cool brand, and you can let others know you have one as it is designed to be worn round your neck. As it is white it also accessorises well with those classy gold chains Chavs wear. The sad part is that the shuffle is the worst player in the Apple range - more like some dodgy back street knock-off than the excellent other iPods. The fact it has no screen so you can't program it or choose a track - it chooses the music for you - also saves Chav brain cells for the much more important business of, ahem, 'pimping their rides.

Runner up in Chav Gadget of the year is the ultra skinny Motorola phone the RAZR. Once the height of cool, this has now become standard fixture for every Tom Dick and Chav. Motorola has done it pink which is obviously topm of Vicky Pollard's Christmas list, maybe they should be thinking of a Burberry version.

The awards, given by top gadget websites Tech Digest, Shiny Shiny and Games Digest in conjunction with broadband/digital TV/telephony company Telewest also include gongs for most indispensable mobile phone, which was won by the Samsung SGH-D600 and the most bling gadget which went to BabyPhat's gold-plated £20,000 case for the Sony PSP.

Gadget of the year, which was voted for by the websites' readers, went to the Sony PSP handheld gaming console, Apple's excellent iPod nano won the Shiny Shiny icon award while the Sky Gnome, an add-on for the company's satellite systems that lets users listen to music and radio channels anywhere in the home, took best gadget accessory.

* The awards were voted for a by a panel of 15 that includes gadget writers from most of the UK newspapers, specialists from technology magazines and the staff of Tech Digest and Shiny Shiny. There's a full list of winners after the turn

Tech Digest Gadget of the Year (Readers' award)
WINNER Sony PSP (The superb handheld games console trounced all before it. Only the cruellest of parents won't be buying one for their offspring this Christmas.)
RUNNER UP Apple iPod nano

Tech Digest award for Chav Gadget
WINNER Apple iPod shuffle (Accessorises well with those lovely Chav gold chains and Burberry caps.) RUNNER UP Motorola RAZR

Tech Digest award for Most Indispensable Mobile
WINNER Samsung SGH-D600 (Great little phone that looks the part and is crammed with features.) RUNNER UP Sharp 903

Tech Digest award for Coolest Computer
WINNER Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook P7120 (Fujitsu Siemens shows how you can make a super skinny, sexy laptop and not charge the earth for it)
RUNNER UP Toshiba Qosmio G20

Tech Digest award for Best Use of Broadband
WINNER Skype (This internet phone system is great for keeping in touch)
RUNNER UP Apple's HD movie trailers

Games Digest Game of the Year
WINNER Resident Evil 4 (It sure scared us)
RUNNER UP Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Hippy Shopper award for Greenest Gadget
WINNER Voltaic Systems Solar Backpack (A carry anywhere sun powered backpack that recharges your gadgets' batteries.'
RUNNER UP Solio solar powered charger

Shiny Shiny award for Bling Gadget
WINNER BabyPhat PSP case (£20,000 of gold and jewel encrusted PSP case)
RUNNER UP Loewe Individual TVs

Shiny Shiny Gadget Accessory
WINNER Sky Gnome (A better buy than a digital radio for Sky satellite system owners)
RUNNER UP Philips Digital Photo Display

Shiny Icon
WINNER Apple iPod nano (Astonishingly beautiful music player. Everyone wants one.)
RUNNER UP Motorola Pebl Runner up 

Shiny Shiny award for Fashion Mobile Phone
WINNER Motorola PEBL (Much cooler than the RAZR)
RUNNER UP Samsung D600

Shiny Shiny award for Most Innovative Attempt to Court the Female Market.
WINNER Matthew Williamson Intempo DAB Radio (Top designer delivers a stunning girl-friendly digital radio)
RUNNER UP Sky+ Designer Boxes

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  • poiopij

    i have problem in my ipod !!!

    A sad or unhappy iPod icon appears on the iPod screen. and i don t know what i do??????!!!!!!

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