The biggest ever iPod accessory?

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GenevaForget wireless FM adaptors and mini-speaker
sets; what your iPod deserves is an accessory so large that it not only dwarves
the device itself but perhaps threatens to be mistaken for a futuristic, if
ungainly, piece of furniture. This is the Geneva Sound System, whose mission
statement is to convince the masses that high quality, stereo sound can be
produced from a single speaker unit which should also save a lot of cabling.
Perhaps it’s a little unfair to brand this simply as an iPod accessory, it also
has an FM receiver, plays CDs and any digital audio format contained thereon
but, given that there is a special slot designed to take any breed of iPod (bar
the shuffle) it is unlikely that non iPod owners will form much of the customer
base. The Geneva Sound System hasn’t actually completed production yet so it’s
registering interest only at the moment, but when it is finally unveiled it
could prove an interesting fusion of home audio and digital music, which is
something that is catching on very quickly.

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