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The ultimate in-car navigator?

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Bm6380Evesham Bluemedia has come up with a simple addition to the humble in-car navigation gadget that gives it an edge over the competition: MP3 support.  First things first though; the BM6380 has all the goods you would expect from a decent GPS system. It comes with the latest selection of navteq 2D and 3D maps which are displayed on a 320 x 240 touchscreen and address/postcode programming plus alerts for six types of speed camera designed to keep you "safe" when you're booting it across the countryside.

If you find that you're lugging the unit around to prevent thieves from liberating it via a broken window, the MP3 player should prove its worth especially as the unit supports up to 2GB SD memory. Oh, and there's also a pedestrian mode to make it more useful sans car. The Evesham Bluemedia BM6380 will be available from November for £299.99 and you can chose to up date its memory every few weeks to keep you ahead of those speed cameras and road changes for an extra annual £30 subscription.

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