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Airider launches tomorrow

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Airider_1 A few years back Brit inventor James Dyson dreamt up a new design for vacuum and changed the cleaning market forever. Might history be about to repeat itself?

Tomorrow sees the launch in the UK of the Airider, a Scottish designed vacuum cleaner which uses a hovercraft style base to float effortlessly across floors. The girls at Shiny have been playing with a model and you'll be able to read their exclusive verdict first thing tomorrow. More details here

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  • Mark

    I have owned this vacuum for six months, within three months the latch that holds the dustbin closed broke, shortly thereafter the belt drive on the carpet head gave out. I have contacted the manufacture on 12/6/06, 12/29/06, 1/28/07, and again on 2/23/07. I have even called Glasgow Scotland asking for help!Each time the company has been courteous promising replacement however nothing has been forthcoming.

    If you check their website I am the guy from LA that gave them a glowing review (note: they removed the last paragraph from my letter which suggested they make the machine sturdier).Machine is great; customer service is the worst I have ever seen! Personally they have lost me as a customer, I would not buy this vacuum again, ever!

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