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leakthumb.png Gaming

The Last Of Us (pretty much) confirmed for PS4

Sony have accidentally let the cat out of the bag - it seems The Last Of Us is coming to PS4 after all. The leak was discovered by a NeoGAF forum member who discovered a listing on the Playstation store...more

z2thumb.png Android

Sony Xperia Z2 coming to Carphone Warehouse next week

Carphone Warehouse have announced a bit of a coup. They're getting the Sony Xperia Z2 a full two weeks ahead of rivals - with it due in stores next week, rather than on May 1st like everywhere else. The phone...more

olloclipthumb.png iPhone

Gadget Show Live: Oloclip makes your iPhone photography better

Want to make your iPhone photos look better? Then it might be worth picking up the Oloclip - a four-in-one lens device that just clips on to the corner of your phone. The latest version is the 4-in-1 lens, which...more

simpletvthumb.png TV

Gadget Show Live: Will Simple TV create Freeview for the app generation?

Yesterday at Gadget Show Live in Birmingham, one of the most intriguing exhibitors was SimpleTV, who have built a clever Freeview streamer. Read on to find out more. In essence, it's a box that sits next to your router, and...more

roboxicon.png 3D Printing

Gadget Show Live: Previewing the Robox 3D Printer

Today we're at Gadget Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham, and one of the exhibitors there is an intriguing 3D printing company called Robox, whose first products are shipping to Kickstarter backers in the next couple of weeks. Unlike...more

xboxonethumb.png Gaming

Here's why Microsoft might not bother with backward compatibility on Xbox One

There's been a lot of hype over the last 24 hours over comments made by Microsoft's Frank Savage who says that the company are "thinking through" plans to offer support for running 360 games on the Xbox One. However great...more

coopthumb.png Mobile phones

Co-Op enters the mobile phone business - let's hope it is better at it than banking

The Co-operative Group have announced that they're getting into the mobile phone business. The company plans to offer PAYG SIM cards at 3800 Co-Op supermarkets around the country starting this month. The Co-Op hopes to be competitive on three fronts:...more


BBC testing news on chat apps - now you can read about riots, not just organise them!

For some time now it has been clear that social media titans like Facebook have been under threat from messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line and others. Which is perhaps why they've been spending so much money on buying so many...more

autocast.png Android

Can AutoCast make Chromecast amazing?

Whilst Chromecast has a hell of a lot of potential to be an incredible device in the future, at the moment the options are rather limited: only a handful of apps support Google's dongle... isn't there so much more it...more

simpthumb.png Gaming

The Simpsons pay tribute to Minecraft

We've known for some time now that Minecraft is a phenomenon - but now we've proof in the form of what is perhaps the ultimate accolade: A Simpsons parody. In the episode that aired in America last night, the entire...more

iplayerthumb.png TV

iPlayer download window extended to 30 days

Good news this morning from the BBC Trust, the corporation's governing body. In a nice change from issuing yet another report beating up the BBC, they've announced approval for an extension to the amount of time viewers will have to...more

bloksthumb.png Concepts

Phonebloks defies expectations and makes some progress!

When Phonebloks was first announced as a concept last September, I must admit I was somewhat cynical. Sure, it was a nice idea, but anyone can render some pretty pictures and call it a product - but would it actually...more

eu.png Mobile phones

Devious, meddling Eurocrats abolish roaming charges

Grr! Look at the dastardly European Union! Not only have they managed to maintain peace and security in Europe for 60 years and provided an excellent mechanism for expanding liberal democracy across the former Eastern Bloc, but now they've gone...more

ghoststhumb.png Gaming

Call of Duty Ghosts: Devastation DLC lands on Xbox Live

Like clockwork, another piece of downloadable content for Call of Duty: Ghosts has just hit the virtual shelves. Devastation, which brings four new multiplayer maps, a new weapon and a new single player campaign "Episode", will be exclusive on Xbox...more

silkthumb.png Sky

Irate Sky Broadband customer sets up his own "helpline"

Writer Jon Silk (@jonsilk), who blogs for the Telegraph, clearly isn't having much luck with Sky Broadband - so much so, he has come up with an ingenious way to goad the company into helping him out. He's setup his...more

gta5thumb.png Gaming

GTA Online spring update to RESTORE in-game bugs

Rockstar have announced details of the forthcoming spring update to Grand Theft Auto Online, which - counter-intuitively - actually restores a couple of bugs in the game. The complaints have come thick and strong from GTA players who enjoy carrying...more

shenmuethumb.png Gaming

Is Shenmue 3 coming to Xbox One?

Phil Spencer, who has just taken the reins at Microsoft's Xbox division and has been talking on Twitter about Shenmue. Could... could it be? Should we dare to dream? No. In response to the endless fan campaigns to get a...more

worldcupthumb.png 4K

Sony to film four World Cup matches in 4K - finally give 4K owners something to actually watch

Sony have announced plans to film and broadcast four of the matches in this summer's World Cup in 4K - the new resolution standard that is four times as detailed as normal HD TV. The games - which include the...more

firetvthumb.png Amazon

No Amazon Fire TV for the UK yet

Disappointing news for UK customers who are excited by the announcement of Amazon's Fire TV as it appears that it is only launching in the US for the time being. Hot on the heels of the announcement of the new...more

q20thumb.png BlackBerry

Is Blackberry in a death spiral?

Poor Blackberry - they're getting a little bit desperate. They're haemorrhaging cash, laying off many of their staff and desperately trying to pull up from a nose-dive caused by technology shifting and their company being unable to keep up -...more

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